Exploring Rewarding Ways for Setting Goals and
Achieving Them

We are busy. Everyone is busy. Setting goals gets us past being busy and moves us to being productive (and "being productive" means we like how we are making changes!)

Wouldn’t it be great if every week, every month and every year we can look back and think, “Yes, I was awesome about finishing my most important tasks and accomplished my most meaningful goals!”

But often we don’t reach goals because we don’t know enough about setting goals and, if we do set goals, we don’t know how to keep focused and actually finish them in a satisfying and successful way.

In SettingGoalz, I’ve assembled what I’ve found to be the best training, tips, tools and techniques for defining goals, organizing them for action and achieving them consistently. I hope you find them helpful, too.

Goals Are Changes That Are Worth Achieving

Think about it: Right now you don’t have something you want in your personal life or in your professional life or in your business. Or you are getting things done but you want things to be better. A goal reflects a difference that you want to make happen.

Goals are changes that make your life more satisfying.

  • Attaining your healthy weight
  • Completing a challenging physical or educational effort, such as running a marathon or completing a degree or technical certification
  • Starting a business or a new hobby
  • Or just doing "projects" that get your life more organized

It’s Important to Learn How to Identify Goals

We certainly have a “gut feeling” about what is important to us and may even have an idea about what changes we’d like to make in order to get to those goals. However, we are rarely taught HOW to discern and define those goals.

Learning how to think strategically about goals, will help you determine what are the most valuable, high-impact outcomes you want to accomplish:

  • What type of thinking do I engage in to decide which goals to set?
  • How do I teach myself to determine my most important goals?

There Are Useful Tools and Techniques That Help Set Goals

In order to bring out our best ideas and keep them organized, we can use different tools and methods:

  • Goal setting worksheets
  • Mind mapping and brainstorming to identify and clarify goals
  • Task management and goal tracking methods

And Why Bother Setting Goals If You’re Not Going to Achieve Them?

It’s a great feeling to identify those goals and outcomes that are important for you. But wouldn’t all that work go to waste if you never start working on them or, for one reason or another, you cannot achieve those valuable goals?

That’s why it’s equally important to have a simple and reliable system set up for achieving the goals you worked so hard to identify and refine.

SettingGoalz is here to help equip you and motivate you for achieving goals

Here you'll find training courses to learn techniques for setting goals. There are tools to help you organize, track and manage tasks which help you accomplish those goals. And, finally, there are many techniques offered to help you stay motivated and focused so you can achieve your goals.

Ready? Let’s go for it!